Our company offers a complete range of chemical and foliar fertilizers which can assure the entire foreseeable requirements of farmers for their most important crops: barley, wheat, rape, sun-flower, corn. Our offer includes the following range of chemical and foliar fertilizers:

– Nitrous fertilizers:

Ammonium nitrate
     Nitrocalcar NAC27N

– Complex fertilizers NPK:

       NPK 20:20:0
       NPK 15:15:15
       NPK 26:10+4S
       NPK 20:20+3S+Zn
       MOP 60K
       DAP 18:46:0
       MAP 12/52

– Foliar fertilizers:


In this case also, the transport of the goods to the beneficiary is assured by our company, the deliveries being promptly carried out after having planed them together with our partners.

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