Esperandza has developed, throughout time, strong partnerships with the agricultural producers for harnessing their crops in the best and most secure and profitable conditions.
Besides offering pre-financing packages and the best quality agricultural inputs, we take special interest in the harvesting period , as this represents the balance of trade of an entire agricultural year in which we invest as much passion and work as the farmers themselves. Therefore, we stand by our partners at harvesting time by providing high quality services:

  • The purchase and the marketing of all types of cereals: barley, wheat, rape, sun-flower, corn.
  • Assuring the transportation directly from the harvest camp or from the farmers’ authorized deposits, depending on their requirements.
  • Offering the best and most competitive prices on the market, for their crops, at the acquisition moment.
  • The payment for the crops is made immediately after establishing the quality of the products and after determining the exact quantity that has been delivered.
  • Purchasing cereals at any time, during the agricultural year and in any quantity.