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Cereals trade

Esperandza has developed, throughout time, strong partnerships with the agricultural producers for harnessing their crops in the best and most secure and profitable conditions.

  • RAPE
  • CORN
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    Diesel fuel
    • Diesel fuel acquired exclusively from the rafinery
    • Our own means of transport
    • Quality and safety by respecting all the E.U. regulations
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      Chemical and foliar fertilizers
      • Nitrous Fertilizers:
        • Ammonium Nitrate
        • Urea
        • Nitrocalcar NAC 27N
      • Complex fertilizers: NPK, MOP, DAP, MAP
      • Foliar fertilizers
        • 20:20:0+Me
        • 16:30+30%Sulf+0.1%Bor+Me
        • 20:20:20+Me
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        Seeds and plant health products
        • Barley, Rape, Wheat, Sunflower, Corn seeds.
        • Plant Health Products:
          • Herbicides
          • Fungicides
          • Insecticides
          • Growth adjuvants and regulators
          • Seeds treatments
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          The Esperandza Management team will guarantee the quality of our products, the transparency of our partnerships and the proficiency of the company's representatives
          All this so that you can be extremely pleased!